Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Agile - Unoffically pre-plan to have break-out planning meetings

Have you ever walked into a sprint planning meeting and felt like the team spent the entire time going in circles?  Specifically, spending an infinite amount of time discussing business needs from the product owner and then why it can't be done from the technical archnitect?

As a Product Owner and before your next official Sprint Planning meeting, try scheduling several brainstorming sessions with the technical architect(s). 

In the meeting, do:

1.  Review the 3,6,12 month strategy of where you would like the product to go and be 
2.  Define the business outcomes you would like to accomplish and how you are measured by the business 

Do not:

1.  Discuss date expectations
2.  Describe in any level of detail the features, unless initiated by the technical architect

Before ending the brainstorming session, challenge the architect  to come up with creative solutions before the next official Planning session.

Be surprised at the results!